The Railing Project Begins


As most of you know, 30 years of salt air and other factors have finally done in the existing railings. What’s worse is the posts and anchors imbedded in the concrete are also corroded and causing destruction to the terraces themselves.

After studying the issue with an architect and several contractors, several decisions were made by your Board and reviewed at the Annual Assembly. The first decision was that ALL of the railings in the 01-05 units were in immediate need of replacement. Railings on the 06 and 07 units would be a second priority and evaluated on a unit by unit basis. This  year work will be done on a floor by floor basis starting on the first 3 floors, starting on the first floor. Work will be done one floor at a time. The scope of this work will include replacing the metal railing and the red tile cap, and repairing the stucco balcony wall. Martha will be contacting owners soon to coordinate rental vacancies and a construction work schedule. Depending on size and scope of work, each unit should take 7-10 days and will be un-rentable during that period.

The second was that we would be removing plant trays and pot rings from the railings and prohibiting their re-installation. This decision was not made lightly, but the facts are that these installations add undue weight and pressure to the railings, as well as prevent effective maintenance.

During the replacement process, plants located on trays and rings will be moved on to the terrace area for the owners to arrange or remove. Trays and rings will be removed and taken away for scrap.

Any security bars attached to the rails will be removed and replaced at the owner’s expense.

Any mini split compressors and their platforms will be removed and replaced at owner’s expense.

The Board apologizes for any inconvenience regarding these issues.

The new railing (see picture of sample above) will be of a better, thicker steel with galvanized posts and anchors, as well as a quality primer and two coats of glossy  black paint. With regular maintenance , these railings should keep looking beautiful for many years to come!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this project, please contact any of your  board members .

Welcome Back!

After a short hiatus, our blog continues! Our new board, elected at the March Assembly meeting is as follows:

Bert Ramirez – 206 President

Frank McGuire – 104 VP

Randy Campbell – 404 VP

Lee Bouchert – 303 Secretary

Marvin Hurd – 101

Thank you for your trust and confidence. The board looks forward to working to maintaining and improving what is already one of the premier locations in Puerto Vallarta!

Latest Progress

After a short trip back to the States, we came back to find elevator doors installed on every floor. This particular door is located on the roof. The doorway is stainless steel and is currently covered by a protective plastic film. Essentially the elevator car and the hoistway are completed and the current work involves wiring…. lots and lots of wiring!

Elevator Door at the Roof

After Otis is done, the architect and his crews will return to complete the remaining finish work. We were very fortunate that the rooftop doorway is set back into a protected alcove. The final step will be to install a lockable security gate at the entrance to the alcove, to prevent anyone gaining access to the rest of the building from the roof terrace.

Awaiting an elevator…

The elevator shaft has been completed and passed Otis inspection… All we need is an elevator!

As you can see by the photos, we only had to add a small section to the roof to accomodate the elevator coming all the way up to the roof. There were no surprises or unusual issues encountered. All satellite dishes moved to make way for costruction have been reinstalled, with cables now channelled through conduit.

The elevator is now in Mexico and winding its tortured way to Puerto Vallarta, and depending on when it finally shows up, we may or may not be completely done by Oct.1, but that’s still the plan!

New Roof?

Well, not exactly… but it is a new epoxy based waterproofing system applied in a several day process. Best of all, after some pretty impressive thundershowers so far we have ZERO water leaks reported inside condos on the seventh floor! The “new roof” is not too hard on the eyes and is cooler underfoot than the concrete surface and gave crews a chance to seal cracks and other damage to the exposed aggregate slabs as well as finally seal the leaking brick bands. The coating extends about 10cm up each vertical wall to form a seamless, watertight system over our former roof. We’re hoping that with a re-coat every few years, we can avoid or delay larger and more expensive work. Next year our goal is to do something similar under the roof overhang tiles as well as finally get the roof timbers re-painted.

Construction Season Reminder


Just a reminder to all that construction season here at La Palapa is from May 1 to Oct 15. Construction hours are from 9-5 Mon – Fri and  9-2 Saturday. During these periods occupants are liable to experience hammering, chiseling, etc.  Regretfully, management doesn’t always learn about construction plans in time to give ample notice, nor do all announced remodel plans ultimately get started, so the only prudent thing to do is assume that at anytime during sanctioned construction periods, you are liable to have your afternoon siesta interrupted. Fair warning! Currently 502 is being renovated at this time. I will try to keep everyone updated on projects on this site.

Pool furniture for sale

old furniture pic

At our last annual meeting the assembly approved money for new pool furniture. Unique Consignments has agreed to handle the sale of the old furniture, but if any owners have an interest in purchasing any of these items, please inform our administrator, Martha Palomera via email. Currently we’re asking 400 MXP/23 USD/ CND 32 for the chaise lounges and 100 MXP/6 USD/ 8 CND for the small round tables. Conditions vary, so speak up soon if you want one in good condition. Anything  not spoken for goes to consignment next month!